Research pick: “Resistance training volume enhances muscle hypertrophy but not strength in trained men”

For this research pick I’ll briefly address a study which recently came out by Schoenfeld and colleagues. The study evaluated the effects of training volume on muscle hypertrophy and strength [1]. Schoenfeld et al. have published a meta-analysis earlier in which they showed there was a dose-response relationship between training volume and increases in muscle


The anabolic window: iets te nauw genomen

In de paper ‘Nutrient timing revisited: is there a post-exercise anabolic window?: post-exercise nutrient timing’ behandelen de auteurs Brad Schoenfeld en Alan Aragon (die eerste is overigens een aanrader om z’n overige werk eens te lezen, uitstekend onderzoeker) de bestaande literatuur m.b.t. de post-exercise anabolic window [1]. De conclusie is kort genomen dat er maar