Seminar performance and image enhancing drugs in Veldhoven

Mainline organiseert 25 april 2019 een seminar met als thema het gebruik van Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs). Een vijftal nationaal en internationale bekende deskundigen op dit vakgebied zullen die avond spreken, waaronder de bekende Amerikaanse auteur William Llewellyn. Ook ben ik aanwezig als spreker.


Research pick: “Resistance training volume enhances muscle hypertrophy but not strength in trained men”

For this research pick I’ll briefly address a study which recently came out by Schoenfeld and colleagues. The study evaluated the effects of training volume on muscle hypertrophy and strength [1]. Schoenfeld et al. have published a meta-analysis earlier in which they showed there was a dose-response relationship between training volume and increases in muscle


A primer on diuretics

Below is an excerpt of a chapter I’m writing on diuretics for my new book on steroids. And yes, the book will be written in English. I’ve taken the references out, because I’m too lazy to include them right now (they will be available in the book of course). Diuretics I’m not sure about which


Beta2-agonist terbutaline to increase muscle mass

For this research pick I’ll go over a recent trial which investigated the effect of terbutaline on body composition in healthy men. Beta2-agonists like clenbuterol and terbutaline have long been thought to increase muscle mass. A wealth of animal research clearly shows this, however most trials in humans fail to demonstrate this. The obvious reason

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Latest meta-analysis on beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)

In this research pick I’ll briefly go over a recent meta-analysis published in Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport named Effects of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate supplementation on strength and body composition in trained and competitive athletes: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials [1]. I’m a bit amazed by the amount of research still done on HMB.

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Is metformin bad for gaining muscle mass?

This will be my first article as a ‘research pick’. I’ll try and somewhat regularly write brief articles on new studies published in the literature or discuss certain topics I see floating around on social media. For this first research pick I’ll discuss the drug metformin as I’ve seen this floating around on Facebook over